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Today, we announced the successes Ticketmaster, a leader in online global ticketing service, has achieved with nlyte Software’s DCIM solution throughout its European data centers. Ticketmaster needed a solution to better manage power usage within its data centers, without putting it at risk of power outage. After comparing several vendors, Ticketmaster trialed and selected nlyte Software’s DCIM suite to model, manage and visualize all assets.

“The ease of use and simplicity of the nlyte DCIM suite means tracking the continually changing assets inside our data centers is no longer a headache, as the entire data centre infrastructure is now being mapped and managed using a single version of the truth,” said Terry Arnold, European data centre manager, Ticketmaster. “The unprecedented control the nlyte DCIM suite delivers, to both Ticketmaster and its customers, is a great benefit financially and environmentally. With its intelligent DCIM technology, the nlyte Suite enables us to understand every element of our data centre environment from energy use by client down to individual asset efficiency. We now operate in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly manner, while also delivering quality services to our clients.”

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TMCnetBy Carrie Schmelkin, TMCnet Web Editor



In the last 18 months, there has been more than $100 million invested in the data center infrastructure management (DCIM) market and nlyte Software is one company that is happy to say that it has been at the forefront of this nascent trend for the past eight years.

 “The company was founded by two former data center professionals who were frustrated by the fact that they had to manage their data center on spreadsheets,” Todd Goldman, vice president of marketing and product management for nlyte, told TMCnet. “They said, ‘This is crazy. We have this million dollar data center that we are managing on spreadsheets.”

To address this frustration, the founders created nlyte, a pure-play software company that offers next generation tools and proven best practices in data center management. The company enables intelligent capacity planning resulting in the most efficient use of power, cooling and space through the optimal placement of data center assets.

One of the main issues nlyte tackles is predictive intelligence – determining where to put new servers and how to find the space and power in the data center to support the software. Continue reading »

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Reasons why you should care

by Dan Woods, CTO & editor, CITO Research

Building on the idea I wrote about last week in my blog (Business Intelligence and the Data Center),I wanted to do some brainstorming about the potential impact of applying business intelligence (BI) to the data center.

Why should anyone care?

There are two reasons that this topic is vitally important. First, I think that IT in general is headed for a crisis. (See The Coming Crisis of IT Management.) The cloud is increasing both the complexity of the infrastructure IT manages and the speed of change. While it is true that the cloud makes some things simpler and easier and that software-as-a-service applications reduce complexity, the footprint of IT is steadily growing. As the footprint grows, more and more assets that support the enterprise are out of IT’s control. Unless IT improves its game, the pace of change will slow down just when it needs to become faster. It is easy to imagine that companies that master the new world of IT will be able to overtake those that don’t. Second, the assets in most data centers are not managed carefully. In this article, we will look at storage. How often do data centers add large amounts of storage rather than take on the challenge of modeling the need for storage and closely tracking usage? Instead of improving storage management and modeling, data centers often load up on billions of dollars in excess storage. Now imagine what will happen when cloud provisioning becomes popular. Will it be carefully managed or not? Do we even know how to manage it? Continue reading »

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nlyte 6.0 release at Gartner

On December 9, 2010, in Announcements, by Administrator

This past week we launched nlyte 6.0 at the Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas.  Attendees got the first look at the newest addition to the nlyte suite, nlyte Analytics.  nlyte Analytics is comprised of three fully integrated modules, in support of intelligent capacity planning, all based on a completely new and highly optimized business intelligence architecture utilizing best practices in data warehousing, analytics and dimensional modeling. The three modules, nlyte Report, nlyte Predict and nlyte Dashboard, provide business users with a variety of data visualization and manipulation options. 

During our time at Gartner, we met with Rich Miller, Data Center Knowledge, who filmed a brief demo of nlyte.   Click here to read his article and watch the video.


Change is Here! Nlyte Software

On December 6, 2010, in Announcements, by Administrator

The first to deliver advanced integrated analytics for intelligent capacity planning.

Jon Temple, president and CEO, nlyte Software

To learn more about nlyte 6.0 go to

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