Best Practices to Reduce Data Center Risks: a live 451 Research and Nlyte Webinar

January 16, 2018 Mike Schmitt


If you are responsible for the uptime and management of a data center, you have many, non-stop concerns that are causing perpetual indigestion!  These concerns are perpetrated by elusive answers to such plaguing questions as:

  • How do I avoid power overload/failure?
  • What is the temperature in each of my server aisles?
  • Where are all my IT assets located?
  • How close am I to my capacity limits?
  • Is everybody on my team on the same page with regards to workflow?
  • Am I one step away from total disaster, and I can’t even see it coming?

Well, the good news is that using a DCIM solution can help ease your stomach issues by giving you the answers.

Put down the Pepto and join 451 Research and Nlyte Software on January 18th as they underscore how DCIM can reduce a data center’s CAPEX and OPEX while mitigating many of the risks that are keeping you up at night.  Topics discussed in this live forum include:

  • Real-time power monitoring and tracking alerts that enable timely power adjustments to avoid overload.
  • How heat map temperature monitoring simplifies remediation of hot spots with real-time, at-a-glance surveillance.
  • The use of asset tracking to provide visibility into where all devices are currently located, or have been moved to a new location.
  • How power and space capacity usage data tracked on a single display can simplify planning.
  • The importance of workflow tracking to provide a single source of information.

Who: Research Director, Rhonda Ascierto from 451 Research and CMO, Mark Gaydos from Nlyte Software.

What: An informative live webinar about Reducing Risk in the Data Center with DCIM.

Why: To disclose better methods for identifying, understanding and managing data center risks.

When: January 18, 2018, 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern.

How: Register here.

Bring all your critical questions – Rhonda and Mark will be happy to address them.



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