DCIM efforts can start with IT or Facilities, but it ALWAYS ends up with BOTH!

September 27, 2013 Nlyte Software


Trying to plan a data center that can accommodate needs for 10 years has always been a challenge, with the classic fallback being to just overbuild everything to allow for any conceivable future.

But when the economy tightened, organizations began to re-think this practice and have become extremely conservative in bringing new capital-intensive future capacity online. Each in-progress project is being scrutinized for scope and priority, and existing data center structures are being studied to determine how they can be better utilized immediately.

At the same time, all professional IT organizations are spending a lot of effort to create a set of best practices and implement solutions which assure they understand their business computing needs and can articulate their computing capacity demands over longer periods of time. The goal is to closely align the supply of data center capacity to those needs.

One of the industry’s newest technologies to address this business planning function for data center capacity planning is the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Suite. DCIM Suites provide a set of capabilities that enable the monitoring and modeling of everything in the data center for the purpose of capacity planning and operational support. Every device, every connection, where they are placed and how much power they draw.

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