DCIM Linkage Between Groups Tightened with Nlyte 8

July 20, 2016 Mark Gaydos


Nlyte 8 Tightens DCIM’s Linkages Between Groups

We here at Nlyte are excited today to announce the release of Nlyte 8, which we have been planning/working on for over a year. This new release enhances all of our data center solutions (Nlyte Platinum Edition, Nlyte Enterprise, Nlyte Energy Optimizer, etc.).

Data Center Processes and InformationNlyte has always touted the importance of integrating DCIM with other systems to improve data center efficiency and interdepartmental communication, as well as maximize the critical value DCIM solutions can provide. Nlyte 8 significantly raises the bar higher in this area and tightens DCIM’s linkages between groups managing facilities, assets and ITSM systems.

This means users can seamlessly drill into specific assets, the resources those assets use, find out who owns the assets, what workloads are running on those assets and a myriad of other types of valuable information – irrespective of where that information is maintained. Nlyte 8 further bolsters an organization’s ability to go from managing infrastructure (Data Center Infrastructure Management) to managing the entire range of services the data center provides (Data Center Service Management).

Highlights of Nlyte 8

Leverages the power of real time data

  • Deeper integration between facilities, IT assets and ITSM systems
  • Further enhanced integration of Nlyte Energy Optimizer (formerly FieldView)

Broader and deeper integration with ITSM

  • New “deep links” capabilities
  • Expanded ITSM support
    • Incident support
    • Request support

Significantly enhanced multi-tenancy and user security model

Broad usability improvements to streamline user experience for common processes

Major technology platform enhancements

Several other additional improvements

If you would like to hear more about this release please feel free to request the release notes  or contact your Nlyte sales or support representative. You can also email us at info@nlyte.com or call us at 650-642-2700.

We’d like to hear from you.



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