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August 6, 2010 Nlyte Software


Welcome to the nlyte Software blog!  Our focus is simple:  all topics related to Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), from news, commentary and interviews to practical advice from an array of thought-leaders and experts that will help you meet today’s data center challenges.  What you won’t find in this blog is marketing-speak; instead, we want this to be the first-of-its-kind resource and lively forum where all opinions can meet and discuss their points of view.

At nlyte, we live, eat, and breathe DCIM; in fact, our mission is to “enable an environmentally responsible world – one data center at a time.”  We anticipate this blog will also be an educational forum where we can share what we have learned, our experiences and our insights.  We’ll also draw upon the perspectives of analysts, data center executives, and academics who will provide the latest thinking on DCIM and related topics impacting data centers globally.

Today, data center executives and professionals are in the eye of the storm: you are grappling with escalating energy costs, inefficiencies, extreme complexity… plus preparing for pending legislation.  Managers like you need visibility and information to manage power, cooling and space to meet existing infrastructure capacity and the ongoing demands of your business.  In a phrase:  intelligent capacity planning is top-of-mind. The mission of this blog is to give you those answers… and ultimately to Enlighten Your Data Center!

So engage in the discussion.  Don’t hesitate to participate in our reader-submitted “Dilemmas”, participate in the open forums, or just post comments to the blog.

Enjoy, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sherry Ramm
nlyte Software Marketing

PS: Upcoming: An incisive Q&A interview with nlyte Software President and CEO Jon Temple on “The State of DCIM.”



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