Green IT push holds untapped potential for channel

January 11, 2011 Nlyte Software


Green IT has been on a steady growth trajectory in recent years, and it is finally coming to crunch time – if you’re not in with Green, you’re out.  Facing an increasing raft of government legislation such as the CRC initiative, whereby organizations must now measure their power outage and keep to set targets, businesses are being targeted financially to adhere to the government’s set of green objectives. 

If this isn’t damaging enough, the real test is soon to come when firms are placed into public league tables according to their green credentials, which aim to ‘name and shame’ the worst offenders.  The potential loss of reputation associated with this, not to mention the loss of sales and hefty fines in such an economically vulnerable climate could destroy organizations if they are not prepared. 

With data centers representing up to half of the corporate carbon footprint, IT sustainability in the data center environment is now more important than ever.  Businesses must now be accountable for the amount of energy their data center is using and understand how to control it, if they are to avoid harsh financial penalties.  The much talked about struggle between balancing bottom line costs vs. green ethics has therefore subsided, as the price associated with doing nothing in the face of initiatives such as the CRC proves far costlier. 

The focus is now on finding simple solutions that can ‘supergreen’ organisations’ data center infrastructures, whilst still cutting costs – a prime market opportunity for resellers that is only set to intensify as the legislative leash becomes tighter.  But with assets in the data center changing continually, this is no small feat.  Add to this increased uptake of technologies such as cloud computing and virtualization as part of the data center landscape and the complexities escalate.  These trends promise a more manageable data center infrastructure, heralding lower costs and the potential to hit green targets, but success can seem unachievable when many data center managers can’t even keep track of what is running on their current data center floor on a day-to-day basis.

Simple solutions that enable organizations to accurately measure power usage, available server space and cooling needs, are therefore key to meeting green targets and preserving a good reputation.  Once data center managers can visually see where there are potential power risks or spare capacity on one central interface, they have complete control of their data center and the tools to eliminate over provisioning.   Moreover, they have the necessary level of insight to implement further technologies – virtualization for instance – with minimal risk and maximum gain.

Such capabilities can not only allow organisations to reduce power consumption and, in turn, work towards the government’s green targets, but also prolong the life of a data center by up to five years – proving that it is feasible to save money and go green after all.

Published in MicroScope Magazine and written by Simon Webster, VP & general manager EMEA operations, nlyte Software.



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