How Can DCIM Improve Data Center Optimization?

December 12, 2017 Mike Schmitt


Many people ask: How can DCIM Improve Data Center Optimization?

The answer: There are plenty of ways to optimize your data center. Data center optimization is the process by which the data center becomes more efficient, and uses resources in the most economical way possible without compromising availability, reliability or uptime. A best route to data center optimization is with a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software solution.

A DCIM solution can help optimize your infrastructure by allowing a data center manager to:

  • Keep track of assets:

Know where your assets are from “dock to decom,” from when they land on your loading dock, to the day they are decommissioned. Monitor the location of all your equipment, even as it is moved, and know what work it is doing, what it is connected to and how old it is. Periodic tech refresh can be more economical, replacing older equipment with newer, more efficient technology to avoid spend on supporting older assets.

  • Monitor and improve energy usage:

Knowing where your energy spend is can be the first step to enabling savings. With a DCIM solution a data center operator has a real-time view into where the energy dollar is going, so inefficiencies can be adjusted. For example, energy monitoring can reveal “zombie” servers in the data center – servers that are drawing power, require cooling, but aren’t really doing any work.

  • Monitor and adjust temperature:

DCIM allows data center managers to monitor temperature throughout the facility to address hot and cold spots. Hot spots can cause overheating, cold spots translate into overprovisioning and energy waste. Once these trouble spots are addressed, the ambient temperature can be raised safely to increase energy savings.

  • Monitor and manage capacity:

Real-time insight into how much physical space, cooling and power capacity is used and available in your data center can help consolidate your infrastructure and plan for the future. A DCIM can pinpoint stranded and unused capacity in a facility and help delay or even totally eliminate the need for a new data center build, potentially saving the organizations millions of dollars.

  • Control Workflow:

With modern data centers constantly evolving and changing, work is continually scheduled and completed. Workflow — the process by which this work gets done in an orderly and efficient manner — is the documentation of the sequence of tasks which ensures that all changes are made consistently and accurately. It keeps the data center team informed about who is responsible for what tasks, when the work should be done and to what piece of equipment.  More importantly, it tracks the tasks as they are completed, keeping the whole team up to date about what’s been done, who did it, and what still needs doing. This consistent knowledge base helps save staff time and avoid duplication of efforts.

These are just a few examples of how a DCIM solution can help optimize your data center. Let’s talk about how Nlyte can help you optimize your infrastructure, while minimizing all risks.

Get an overview of our products here, and our solutions here.

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