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May 20, 2013 Nlyte Software


7thGenerationcircleWith the advent of the Nlyte 7 launch, Nlyte’s CEO, Doug Sabella, was interviewed by the Huffington Post to discuss key considerations for managing assets in the data center and to provide insight into how the new Nlyte 7 platform can maximize the financial benefits from the optimized utilization of power, space and assets.

The discussion kicked off with reference to an anti-data center series penned by New York Times last fall. The series “Power, Pollution and the Internet” basically called out data centers as bad for the environment and the cause of “brown clouds.”

At Nlyte, clearly we believe that it is not that data centers are bad for the environment but that most are relying on old technology, dated or analog inventory tracking methods and many companies over-rely on Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metrics as their main point of energy measurement. Relying on PUE alone can inadvertently cause companies to use more energy and increase data center costs because this measurement does not factor in all of the layers that now exist in the data center.

To really maximize efficiencies in the data center, companies must be able to assess inefficiencies across all physical, virtual and IT logical layers.

The Nlyte software platform addresses each of the aforementioned layers, enabling customers to plan, track, and maintain all of the mission-critical aspects of a data center.  This includes management of all resources: power, cooling, network, miscellaneous combined with the three ‘S’s of space, servers, and storage.

Nlyte recently rolled out Nlyte 7, the industry’s first data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution to seamlessly integrate with all of an organization’s business IT management fabric. To better align with our customers’ business interests, we now offer the following features:

  • Central Data Repository – Provides contextual relationships between all enterprise data center attributes, giving IT comprehensive views and information on their data center.
  • Business Intelligence – Nlyte’s industry-unique BI engine provides dashboard and reporting information for trending and what-if scenario planning, with a rich set of included dashboards and reports plus the flexibility for the user to define and create their own.
  • Physical and Logical Row Viewing –Nlyte users can now define and build logical row views of physical and logical equipment for detailed analysis of multiple cabinets side by side.  User selections can be based on business requirements, whether by geography, line of business, or any other parameter that might be needed.  This feature also provides multiple cabinet views of grouped pods or user-defined areas.
  • Cabinet Device Overlay Reports – Extends resource visualization from floor plans to rack elevations, identifying potential hot spots, resource consumption, equipment types, organizational ownership, etc.
  • Data Model Integrity – Data models are always accurate resulting from automated reconciliation by using Nlyte Reconciliation in conjunction with BMC’s ADDM or other discovery products.

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