Increased Efficiency in US Federal Data Centers

August 14, 2015 Andrew Ryan


I was reading Yevgeniy Sverdlik’s recent article on the US federal government’s desire to increase the efficiency of its over 2000 data centers across the country. Although the federal government has already implemented policies to increase redundancy of compute resources it is taking longer for it to adopt greater efficiency when compared to the private sector (which has been doing so for some time). This makes me want to misquote Winston Churchill and say “American will always do the right thing….. after exhausting all the resources”. (Original quote)

Yet in actuality, at Nlyte we already see there are many government organizations that are implementing Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) in order to increase their data center efficiency from a power, space and personnel perspective. In fact, we had four US federal organizations sign up to use Nlyte just in the last 45 days and our oldest government customer has been using Nlyte for over six years.DCIM in Government Data Centers

So although legislators are slowly moving the ball forward to increase the efficiency of federally owned data centers, the reality is that many federal agencies are ahead of the curve when it comes to increasing efficiency. Many are already adopting Nlyte’s DCIM in order to reduces costs and minimize resources used while also making it easier for personnel to do their jobs. Nlyte also makes it easy to report on the data center’s efficiency and show trends over time. Thus, it appears that the forward thinking federal agencies are already ahead of the legislators when it comes to adopting efficiency increasing technologies, like DCIM, in the data center.



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