Informative Article on “New Data Center Dynamics”

May 26, 2011 Nlyte Software


Whether you plan to build a new data center or optimize your current one it is necessary to measure, monitor and manage your efficiencies in power, cooling and space. In a recent CBR article, Rack ’em up: New data centre dynamics, Steve Evans writes, “Gartner reckons that energy-related costs account for approximately 12% of overall data centre expenditure and are the fastest-rising expense.” He continues to describe the other pressures data centers are facing:

  • The increasing amount of data needing to be stored leading to rising data center energy costs
  • The waste of money through non-efficient power distribution along with increasing pressures to reduce PUE ratings and carbon emissions
  • The need to track the current state of the data center and predict future moves, adds and changes with advanced analytics
  • The necessity to reduce the risk of downtime in the case of a data center migration

Evans pulls real life examples from organizations that have overcome these obstacles. 


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