Join the #DCIMChat tweet chat on Wednesday, January 22nd at 12 ET

January 20, 2014 Nlyte Software


Will 2014 be the year of DCIM? Is the Value of DCIM becoming any clearer? Are end-users adopting DCIM DCIMCHATand Why? Whether you are a member of the press, analyst, vendor or if you’re interested in gaining more visibility into your data center and increasing the predictability and management of your physical and virtual assets, we would like to invite you to a twitter chat on January 22nd at 12:00 ET. Mark Harris VP of Marketing and Data Center Strategy and Matt Bushell, Sr. Product and Corporate Marketing Manager at Nlyte Software will co-host the #DCIMCHAT.
During the chat, Mark and Matt will share insights into what data center managers can do to bring discipline into the data center and specifically spur conversation around the “year of DCIM.”

Other questions we’ll ask during the chat include:

  • Why so much confusion about DCIM?
  • Is there ONE goal of DCIM?
  • What are the biggest values derived from DCIM deployments, according to end-users who have already implemented DCIM?
  • Is DCIM about Energy Management or Asset Management?
  • What about partnerships, open interfaces, collaboration?
  • What are some of the obstacles seen when implementing DCIM?
  • What are the most important questions to be asking about DCIM?

How to participate:

  1. On Wednesday, January 22 12 pm ET, @nlyte will pose a few questions using the #DCIMChat hashtag to get the conversation rolling.
  2. Follow the #DCIMChat hashtag
  3. Tag your tweets with the #DCIMChat hashtag. This is the community’s chat – invite others, let’s get this conversation started.
  4. #DCIMChat with last about 30 minutes.

Have questions that you want added to the chat? Email or share on Twitter with #DCIMCHAT in your tweet.


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