Nlyte Acquires FieldView – Leading Real-Time Monitoring and Alarming Solution Provider

February 3, 2016 Doug Sabella


Today we announced our acquisition of FieldView Solutions. We have been partnering with FieldView for years – not only are our technologies complementary, but the cultures of the organizations are very similar. Both teams are excited to now be coming together to form a bigger and stronger organization. Ultimately this move is a win-win-win for all parties involved: our customers, and each of our companies.

Most important is the positive impact this acquisition will have on customers. Though our respective products have integrated for years, the acquisition enables us to deepen the capabilities between our infrastructure solutions. The end result: Our customers today, and in the future, will obtain even greater value from our offerings.

The combined infrastructure software will enable us to offer the most robust real-time event monitoring and alarming solution in the data center industry. It also will allow us to support more processes and synchronize more information into ITSM solutions. By doing so, we will continue to bolster our vision for data center services management (DCSM), providing the ability to seamlessly automate and manage all resources within the data center, while integrating with other critical IT systems.

Lastly, we’ve already begun work on future products together, which are going to push the envelope on the value that our DCSM software can provide an organization. Look for more information on this mid-2016. We are pretty excited about these new capabilities and we think you will be too.

We are now busy working to migrate the FieldView website over to Until that is complete, you can visit the FieldView website to learn more about their capabilities If you have any questions, please contact your Nlyte sales representative or send an email to



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