nlyte Analytics – Dashboard Module Overview

January 19, 2011 Nlyte Software


nlyte 6.0 now incorporates nlyte Analytics, a set of fully integrated business intelligence capabilities allowing data center professionals, managers and executives to quickly gain visibility into the information and key performance indicators that help optimize the critical resources of power, cooling and space leading to reduced data center operating expenses and extended data center life.


nlyte Dashboard – The brand new nlyte Dashboard makes available a number of pre-defined dashboards which, through state-of-the-art data visualization, provides senior management the critical operational metrics required to manage today’s sophisticated data center facilities. Users can, for example, see a high level roll-up of capacity data for power, cooling, space and network connections across an entire data center estate, incorporating full drill-down and time-series analysis. Customers also retain full flexibility to create, deploy and maintain their own dashboards using the nlyte Dashboard Manager, which provides the ability to create customized management dashboards using an easy to understand wizard-driven, drag-and-drop interface and an extensive array of data visualization conventions such as gauges, charts and maps.

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