Nlyte and IBM Watson IoT Team Up To Create 1st Cognitive DCIM Solution

April 30, 2018 Rita Sonatore

We are thrilled to announce today that Nlyte is the first Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution to partner with the IBM Watson IoT team to bring analytics in the data center to a whole new level.

As the IT infrastructure continues to become more complex and decentralized, advanced analytics become more critical for optimized, dependable data centers. Nlyte Machine Learning, Powered by IBM Watson IoT, provides advanced data analytics capabilities that enable an organization to rapidly capture, normalize and analyze large quantities of information from both facilities and IT areas.

From these millions of data points, IBM Watson IoT recognizes patterns and uses Machine Learning to create predictive models which data center professional can access to mitigate risks and head off problems before they happen. In addition, workloads can also be moved for greater reliability and optimized operating costs.

This is the first cognitive DCIM solution on the market enabling predictive infrastructure management.

Now organizations deploying Nlyte Machine Learning can:

  • Address scale, complexity and optimization requirements of modern data centers
  • Leverage the data already generated by sensors, critical infrastructure, IT equipment and applications
  • Easily adopt and use powerful AI capabilities

The Nlyte team extends its gratitude to the IBM Watson Team for their generosity and enthusiasm as we look forward to a successful partnership.

The IBM Watson IoT-enhanced DCIM platform will be offered as SaaS and available in July 2018.

For more information on the Nlyte/IBM collaboration, contact your Nlyte representative, visit us at or call 1-650-642-2700.


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