Nlyte Colocation Helps Managed Cloud Provider Keep Temperatures Up, Costs Down and Tenants Happy

October 4, 2016 Mark Gaydos


The customer saved:

  • 3 GWh in energy consumption
  • $285,120 in power costs
  • 2762 tons of CO2

In the first year with Nlyte.

The customer, a managed cloud provider, decided to raise the ambient temperature in its data center. They wanted to boost efficiency, bring energy costs down and still meet SLAs without added risk of downtime. In addition, they wanted their tenants to be comfortable with the whole process.

To achieve these goals, the managers knew that they needed real-time, easy-to-read thermal monitoring, available to individual tenants. They chose Nlyte Colocation.

A few degrees in a data center can make a big difference. According to Data Center Knowledge, for every degree the temperature can be raised, power consumption goes down by 4%.

The customer used Nlyte Colocation’s real-time dynamic heat map to monitor temperatures while changes were made. The operator raised the temperature very slowly: a total of 9 degrees at the chillers over a six month span.

Tenants were kept informed of changes taking place. With Nlyte Colocation, individual tenants have access to their specific power usage data, as well as temperature, humidity and branch circuit information and proof of SLAs, without compromising the security of other tenants. Because they were able to see that the temperature changes were not having adverse effects on their uptime, tenants could relax and enjoy the energy cost savings passed on to them.

The managed cloud provider not only earned the trust and goodwill of present tenants, but could offer potential new tenants added value and competitive pricing.

The customer said: “We see favorable reactions when we tour potential clients and they see what we offer with Nlyte Colocation.”

See the full Case Study here.

See what Nlyte Colocation can do for you here.


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