Nlyte Hosting Service Offers Customers Flexible DCIM Solutions

March 6, 2017 Mark Gaydos


We at Nlyte believe our customers should have more choices and flexibility. We always want to be empowering them, as much as possible.

This is why we are expanding the options of Nlyte Enterprise on Demand (SaaS) with a new Hosting Service offering. This provides our customers more choice in how they want to use Nlyte. This also allows our customers to customize the DCIM solution to meet their specific needs and business objectives.

As often is the case with some of the best products and services, the genesis of this offering was when one of our large financial services customers told us they wanted Nlyte to maintain the solution for them.  We made that happen and then realized other customers might want the same service.

Nlyte Hosting Service means customers can either host Nlyte in their own environment, or use this new service and outsource the hosting to Nlyte.

Nlyte can provide the environment where a customer’s Nlyte DCIM solution resides – we maintain:

  • The server.
  • The network connection.
  • Software components.
  • Nlyte software updates, automatically.

This model frees our customer from the burden of infrastructure purchase, management and maintenance, while retaining ownership of and access to all their data.

In addition, our customers benefit from predictable costs that are Opex instead of Capex – and more importantly they can still rely on the scalable, secure Nlyte solution.

Nlyte is dedicated to the success of our customers. This new offering means customers can ultimately decide how they want to pay for and run the solution.

Drop us a note and let us know what your needs are!!  The success of our customers is paramount and we always want to be hearing what your needs are.


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