Prevalent Goals for DCIM

March 24, 2016 Nlyte Software


People with different functions come to DCIM with different goals, based on different needs that they have. Fortunately, data center infrastructure management (DCIM) actually can help with widely disparate requirements, including the following:

✓ One overriding goal is to reduce the operating cost of the data center. It is a truism that you can’t manage what you don’t measureUse DCIM to help cut costs. The instantaneous view that DCIM gives you of not only power consumption, but also every other critical resource gives you the basis for performing actions that will lower costs and continue to control them on an ongoing basis. Not only will you know what your power consumption is, you will know exactly which components of your system are consuming it, and at what rate.

✓ In addition to optimizing the use of electric power, a major goal of DCIM is to provide timely and accurate information about the available capacity of the data center for future growth.

✓ If you want a data center to operate according to best practices, it’s important to be able to identify, optimize, and manage the workflows associated with change for the data center’s physical assets. DCIM captures the processes associated with change, and then enforces the steps required to make those changes across the infrastructure.

✓ DCIM coordinates and consolidates disparate sources of real-time information into a single view of asset knowledge.

✓ DCIM gives predictability of space, power, and cooling capacity, increasing data center lifespans as well as lowering operating costs.

✓ DCIM translates raw data about the data center into actionable business intelligence suitable for all.


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