Recap from the Gartner Data Center Conference

December 17, 2010 Nlyte Software

Now that we have returned from the Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas, I wanted to refresh your memory on one of the key topics discussed throughout the conference.  Many key analysts emphasized that the time is now to begin implementing a solution to manage your data center’s power, cooling and space. 

In the keynote address by Dave Cappuccio, Crucial Trends You Need to Watch, his number 3 trend was “energy efficiency and monitoring.”  He noted that data centers are now consuming 40 to 100 times more energy than the offices they support.  In a greening society, this statistic is unacceptable.  Today, 68% of data center managers still don’t measure PUE, 25% never measure power usage at all and those that do, measure it infrequently.  Only 3% of data center managers have implemented any type of energy management software thus far. 

With the arrival of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions, data center managers can now find ways to optimize their performance.  Cappuccio continued saying that, by 2012, monitoring and reporting on energy consumption will be required.  In a later session focusing on DCIM, Gartner analyst, Jay Pultz explains, “by monitoring and measuring energy consumption, DCIM informs the data center manager of where and how power is being utilized enabling the manager to evaluate options to improve and control its use.”  DCIM goes beyond the macro model by providing greater insight on energy consumption within the data center. The data center manager can use to solution to pinpoint problem areas by intelligent capacity planning and modeling the future effects from projected moves, adds and changes — either for retrofitting existing data centers or in building new ones.

Pultz expects that data center facilities projects will once again top their polls in terms of funding levels.  The easiest way to get started with DCIM is to earmark some of those funds. Pultz continues believing that most will find that this investment is self-funding; that is, the efficiencies gained in the project by adopting DCIM more than pay for DCIM! 

As a final note on energy management and DCIM, Gartner believes that “DCIM will become the next must have for data center managers.”

To learn more about DCIM subscribe to The DCIM Advisory.

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