Reflections from AFCOM, Orlando – The future is now!

September 16, 2011 Nlyte Software


The conference kicked off on Sunday, September 11, with a somber and reflective moment of silence in remembrance of the victims of this tragic day 10 years ago. Attendees that had arrived early attended a number of all-day tutorial sessions as well as virtual data center tour presentations – where data center professionals presented and discussed key successes and real world experiences tackling the challenges of building, moving and/or managing enterprise data centers.

Come Monday, the official start of the conference, 650 data center professionals attended the kickoff keynote titled: “Our Technology Future: Looking to Tomorrow’s Top Trends.” That certainly set the tone of the conference and encouraged the audience to look towards new ways of solving problems, new ways of managing the business and new ways to leverage technology solutions. There couldn’t have been a more appropriate keynote theme to set the stage for data center professionals to take a serious look at how they currently manage their data center and at Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions. As many have said before; “The future is now.”

I attended a number of the sessions throughout the pre-session and the first two days mainly attending sessions that were focused on problems a complete DCIM solution could solve. For example; The Bick Group – thought leaders in Data Center Solutions – presented a well-attended Sunday tutorial on “How to extend the life of your data center.” The Bick Group has extensive experience on this topic and has extended the useful life of data centers for a myriad of satisfied customers. The session was a great foundation and validation of the potential for DCIM solutions – the extension of the useful life of a data center fundamentally depends on the ability to effectively manage your data centers’ space, power and cooling to their optimal levels.

On Monday, I attended a session where a well known DCIM product vendor pitched how well their solution met IDC’s DCIM Maturity Model for 2011. Impressive, except when you take into account that nlyte, TODAY, can provide all of the functionality that the quoted IDC model highlights in their prediction for 2014! For data center managers that want to leverage the operational advantages of mature DCIM solutions – The future is definitely now…!

Finally, I wrapped up my session attendance with the “DCIM helps you sleep better at night” educational session by Bruce Cardos of Consonus Technologies. Bruce’s presentation was well attended and noticeably the only user/customer DCIM presentation at the conference. Which DCIM solution does Bruce use? nlyte Software. nlyte’s DCIM solution enables Bruce and his team to bring industry leading DCIM technology to their customers to deliver real value. In his presentation, Bruce highlighted what to look for in a mature DCIM solution and emphasized how Consonus helps their customers sleep better at night utilizing nlyte. Bruce and Consonus are bringing the Future to their customers and they are doing it with nlyte – now!



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