Server Utilization Metrics Meets Data Center Monitoring

June 20, 2017 Mark Gaydos


Stagnation breeds obsolescence. Nowhere is this statement true than when considering the needs of data center managers. Full visibility into all facilities equipment, as well as IT assets, is needed in order to truly understand data center operations. Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software has been a boon for enabling this visibility on the facilities side and now offers the IT personnel server CPU utilization metrics.

In a quest to expand DCIM capabilities, Nlyte has now brought in the ability to gather all metrics from server utilization and bring them into the vivid dashboard displays you have come to rely on. We are calling it Nlyte System Utilization Monitoring or “N-SUM.”

N-SUM allows for:

  • Monitoring and reporting of IT asset utilization levels and percentages.
  • Dashboard views of the data center infrastructure utilization as a global footprint, local site views or room-level drill down insights.
  • Identifying servers that are over or underutilized.
  • Direct navigation to specific, rack-mounted IT assets.

N-SUM also makes it possible to identify servers which are not being used to their full potential, revealing opportunities for consolidation and cost savings. In addition, N-SUM also supports the Federal Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) with its ability to bring CPU metrics into DCIM displays. N-SUM joins Nlyte’s DCIM solution to become a must-have tool for end-to-end visibility and holistic status reporting.

Although viewing real-time information is critical, it’s also just as important to understand trending patterns. N-SUM provides a view of the entire history of a server’s usage levels to unlock future trends and enable structured planning for growth, consolidation and even IT asset lifecycle management.

For more information see the webpage.

To receive the full advantages of N-SUM, contact your Nlyte representative, or call 650-642-2700.








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