The Industry’s Proven DCIM delivered as a Service

January 20, 2014 Nlyte Software


You can say that Nlyte arguably started DCIM, rolling out our first product in 2004. But you *may* not know that we also have the world’s largest DCIM single-instance deployments in terms of the number of racks and assets under management. Well now you can also say that Nlyte has that same amazing DCIM suite now available as a Service!  Last month, on December 9th, at the Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas, Nlyte announced Nlyte On-Demand so companies of all sizes could acquire DCIM rapidly, and without major up-front costs.  I dare say that if there had been a “Best of Show” award, Nlyte On-Demand would have won it hands-down. Seriously, being able to immediately use the results of 300 person-years of engineering dedicated solely to the purpose of optimizing asset lifecycles in the data center is incredible.


The timing was prescient because at the Gartner Tradeshow, we got all kinds of inquiries as to what DCIM can do, and we were proudly able to discuss both on-premise and our just announced On-Demand version. Same great taste, just different purchase models based upon a user’s needs. Whether it was a higher education institution, a division of a large company or a small-to-medium company, they all felt part of the DCIM community thanks in part to just knowing that there is an appropriate offering out there for them. And in the case of potential buyers of our new On-Demand service offering, it wouldn’t be daunting to get the subscription-based expense approved. They say the proof is in the pudding, so by all means, come try On-Demand. It tastes great!

Don’t forget to tune into our upcoming webinar on Wednesday the 22nd where we will go over all of the virtues of On-Demand and discuss many of the successes that our customers are telling us about daily.



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