The Value Proposition for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

August 6, 2010 Nlyte Software


Quocirca, a leading research and analysis company, recently published a report stating that the data center is a major cost base for a majority of companies.  This is due to the constant changes that need to be implemented alongside the installation of new hardware and software and the uncertainties around energy prices.  Ensuring that a data center is run at its optimal levels will become increasingly important, yet the tools required to carry out such a task are not necessarily covered by the general IT budget. Measuring, monitoring and maintaining a data center has often been viewed as a purely technical project.  Concentrating on the business values DCIM will provide will help in enabling such a project to be undertaken more effectively.  This report does a great job of explaining how the business value can be significant and how this can unlock budget for DCIM investments.



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