We’re up to the DCIM challenge (Show Me!)

December 2, 2012 Nlyte Software


The amount of interest in DCIM has never been higher. Over the last few quarters the flood-gates have begun to open and there are now FUNDED initiatives everywhere we look. Prospective buyers are no longer sitting on the sidelines and waiting for DCIM ‘to mature’. DCIM is no longer ‘coming soon’, it is HERE NOW and available to the masses (and many are in the process of buying now).

The only remaining difficulty is that there is still a good bit of confusion in the industry, by customers and vendors alike. Most apparent is the wide-ranging definitions of DCIM. Since there are so many stakeholders in a typical company, there needs to be a bit of convergence amongst themselves on what to expect, what the goals are, and the timeframes which each of the multiple phases will take. Keeping in mind that the IT, Facilities, Finance and Corporate Responsibility individuals all have different needs from DCIM, so the UNION of their needs typically need to be discussed during the vendor selection phase. Each of their definitions needs to be captured and combined. The need for this convergence should not be taken lightly. The good news is it WILL happen if the company wishes to become more effective running their IT structures. Andy Lawrence at the 451 Group says it all the time, “DCIM is the single most significant means to streamline ongoing business management within the data center”. DCIM is a competitive advantage to those who adopt it earliest.

A second a more troubling aspect of the confusion stems from the apparent interchangeable use by vendors of the terms ‘product’ and ‘project’. Huh? How can this be? Well, there seems to be a fine line for some vendors between capabilities which are available out of the box, versus capabilities that COULD be created for any given customer as a engineering project or ‘customization’. Oh sure, the PowerPoint slides that your saw in the beginning always looked great, but it is really important to challenge your DCIM contenders to DEMONSTRATE what they can do, today.  Rakesh Kumar at Gartner earlier this year published a research paper regarding how to select a DCIM vendor in which he emphasized the need to HEAVILY WEIGHT the capabilities that can be demonstrated today. Discount the promises, or roadmaps or PowerPoint mock-ups. The point is that nearly anything can be engineered given enough time and money or even easier can be mocked-up in PowerPoint. Historically, many IT professionals have already put on a software developer’s hat and built elaborate (if not primative) DCIM solutions themselves in Excel or similiar tools. (And all of those people are begging to take off that DCIM developer hat as soon as possible by finding a REAL DCIM solution!).

Bottom line: We are the leaders. Challenge Nlyte to show you what we can do. Let’s us work with you to qualify and quantify your unique sets of needs for ALL your stakeholders. Let us show you our unique approach to getting you the specific details on the expected financial returns you can expect to see, implementation timelines to expect, business processes to be included, etc.  (Notice I said DETAILS? Not generic hand-waving to show implementation and ROI, but real numbers you can bank on.)

We’ve been making DCIM for more than  10 years and have the industry’s most mature out of the box offering, bar none. Pickup the phone and call Nlyte. As soon as we answer say, “Let’s pretend I am from Missouri, Show Me”!



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