We’ve always connected the DCIM and ITSM dots. What took you so long?

April 2, 2013 Nlyte Software


I smile when I hear about all the new industry ‘revelations’ and the expressions of hot new ‘strategic directions’ revolving around the idea that DCIM and ITSM should be connected.  I have to ask, Where have you been? Finally folks are realizing that DCIM is not a technician’s toolset or drawing package, but instead it’s a powerful and critically important extension to the asset and services management that you already know and love. Sure the best DCIM suite solutions can draw pretty pictures, and allow you CAD-like capabiluties to put racks on floorplans and assets in racks. Frankly, that’s just a basis for everything else. It’s the 3D model that MUST exist for everything else to make sense.

Well, the really amazing part is that Nlyte recognized years ago! We saw that DCIM when deployed by itself creates yet another island of features and appears very tactical. Nlyte’s view has always been that DCIM is strategic, and is a logical next step in getting your operations and asset financials under control, so we have worked with all of the major ITSM suppliers to bi-directionally connect what we do to what they do. Over the years we created a series of solid out of the box connectors for change management, CMDB, virtualization and Instrumentation from many of the most prevalent data center management frameworks, including BMC, HP, VMware, etc.

This natural linkage between DCIM and ITSM should not be surprising to anyone, as the most successful DCIM deployments will be an integral part of your best practices. It just makes sense that Nlyte is tightly connectable to BMC’s Remedy and Atrium, or to HP’s CMDB. It should be of no surprise that Nlyte provides a real-time connector for VMware so that the visibility of any asset extends from Physical to Logical to Virtual. It just makes sense, and frankly would be odd if we DID NOT include such core out of the box integration capabilities.

Nlyte has been connecting our DCIM suite to ITSM frameworks for years. Our sales professionals revolving their entire value proposition on these linkages to ITSM and can help show exactly how the magic happens. Think Strategic, and then discuss with Nlyte how we can deliver our industry defining DCIM suite with these off the shelf ITSM connectors today!


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DCIM: The more connected it is, the more strategic it will be!

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