What CFD can add to the DCIM solution, continued

July 12, 2011 kamran.fouladi


  • CFD case studies performed by Energex Technologies have shown that CFD is also useful in identifying the impact on data center operations from the loss of cooling and in analyzing computer room air conditioner failure scenarios to eliminate uncertainty and validate redundancy. In a recent study, Gartner investigated the usefulness of CFD analysis in data centers and found that data center operators and designers have been able to gain cooling efficiencies and lower operational costs using the results of CFD analysis.
  • A lesser-known but unequivocally important benefit of CFD is its unparalleled ability to optimally design or re-design today’s high-density data centers. A typical data center houses various types of equipment with varying thermal and energy characteristics. Such diversity in equipment would generally result in a non-uniform thermal load in the room requiring zoning and other techniques for proper management of the data center cooling operation. The problem with different density zones is that each zone would require different amounts of cooling or even different types of cooling. The optimal design of each zone and equipment layout is possible through trade studies with accurate prediction of the cooling environment for each design alternative.

Energex Technologies believes that CFD is currently the only tool that can provide accurate predictions and show alternative cooling scenarios that provide adequate cooling to the equipment. In fact, to get the full value from their investment, we commonly encourage our clients to go beyond analysis and use CFD for layout optimization.

Excerpt from The DCIM Advisory feature article by Kamran Fouladi and Soheil “Sam” Negahbani, Energex Technologies.  Check back later for more on this feature.



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