What is a Data Center Manager and How Are They Like a Coat Rack?

December 18, 2017 Mike Schmitt


Question: “What really is a Data Center Manager?”

Answer: A Data Center Manager wears many hats.  He is the person responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining the computing infrastructure of an organization.

Sounds simple and straightforward, doesn’t it? But in reality, it is one of the most important, complicated, and responsible positions in a company.

Why is this position so important? Because without an IT infrastructure there will be no business – it’s that simple.  No longer is the IT department a cost center, it’s moved to the other side of the ledger as a business enabler a.k.a. the driver of all things application, communication, and development.  It is the heart of the business and protector of the crown jewels, data and knowledge.

A Data Center Manager actually holds as much responsibility as their C-level associates because they are in charge of the safety, security and maintenance of all data assets.  Consider how involved a data center manager actually is with so many business operations:

  • If a customer’s applications are running slow — it’s their job to troubleshoot processing ability
  • If the energy bills are too high — it’s their job to help identify why
  • If expansion is called for — it’s their job to find room
  • If budget concerns arise– it’s their job to optimize the facility.
  • If hackers are breaching systems — it’s their job to pinpoint network anomalies

A Data Center Manager needs to wear so many hats because businesses are dynamic and constantly changing. So, the manager’s job inherently involves planning for the future while also addressing present-day needs.

Not only is the Data Center Manager responsible for infrastructure uptime, but they are increasingly asked to do more with less and always balance CAPEX and OPEX.

With so much weighing heavily upon the Data Center Manager’s head, they need some assistance, a reliable tool with the ability to dive deep into operations and render an accurate vision of the facilities’ past, present and future performance. They need a system such as Nlyte’s Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution.  Like a coat rack, the DCIM solution will handle all of the Data Center Manager’s hats e.g. responsibilities:

  • Data Center Asset Management – Nlyte automates the tracking of all assets, from “Dock to Decom”, (loading dock to decommissioning) all through their useful lives. It even identifies when retiring an asset might be prudent
  • Workflow Management – Nlyte Workflow keeps all team members on the same page, across multiple teams and projects – see what work has been done, when and by whom, and what tasks still need doing
  • Capacity Planning – See where the power and compute resources could be better utilized and predict future processing needs
  • Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) Monitoring – Discover where the power is being consumed and how to use it more efficiently
  • Temperature Monitoring – Real-time temperature monitoring enables calculation of maximum thresholds to keep equipment thermally safe while improving cooling economics.
  • Power Chain Testing and Hardening – Selectively “fail” equipment in a virtual environment with no threat to uptime to see power chain weaknesses and redundancy to build contingency plans
  • And More…

If you’re the Data Center Manager for your organization, DCIM helps add structure and coordination and a place to hang your many hats. The Nlyte team is ready and available to answer any questions you may have.  Reach out to us at info@nlyte.com or 1-650-642-2700.


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