What is DCIM Software?

March 6, 2018 Mike Schmitt


Many people ask: What is DCIM software?

The Answer: Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software is a solution which automates computing infrastructure monitoring, whether that infrastructure is on premises, or at a colocation or edge facility and enables the data center to be operated at peak efficiency.

Computing infrastructure monitoring via manual processes — spread sheets, Visio drawings and other time-consuming, quickly outdated and inaccurate methods, and siloed vendor-specific tools that don’t intercommunicate – is no longer valid with heterogeneous data centers growing in size, density and complexity. With DCIM, data center monitoring is in real-time allowing the computing infrastructure to be managed accurately, effectively and economically.

DCIM software solutions automate a whole lot more in a data center, including:

Asset Lifecycle Management

Tracking assets throughout their entire lifecycle is automated with DCIM. It tracks equipment from the time it is received, or even requisitioned, and all the details surrounding it on one holistic DCIM dashboard. What and where the asset is, its identification, what it is connected to, what load it carries, how old it is and where it is in its maintenance cycle are easily visible – and all tracked including where the asset is moved to, all the way to its decommissioning.

Capacity Optimization and Planning

One of the most concerning issues facing a data center management team is capacity levels in their facility – physical space and computing capacity. With the up-to-date reports provided by a DCIM solution, physical capacity can be optimized through consolidation and assets not fully optimized can be repurposed or retired. Most DCIM users discover capacity they didn’t know they had. Why is this important? It allows the delay or elimination of costly physical expansion projects, not to mention improved uptime. Tracking capacity usage over time simplifies future planning.


With DCIM, data center managers can automate and track the tasks involved in maintaining the computing infrastructure. Workflow is the central repository for information about all the work completed in the data center, the responsible individuals and the time of completion. Imagine all the time this saves data center managers, not to mention the added efficiency of personnel while minimizing duplication of efforts.

Data Collection and Analysis

An agnostic DCIM solution is imperative and enables interoperability with existing equipment and those introduced into the environment, as well as assets organization-wide. With IT and facilities equipment from different manufacturers and legacies present in most data centers, a DCIM solution supports information collection and analysis from all sources and then presents it all in easy-to-read dashboards of value to all stakeholders involved.

Power and Cooling Optimization

Power availability and efficiency is always a critical concern in a data center. With a DCIM solution deployed, data center managers have a real-time view of where power is used, and how to cost-effectively improve power usage. Real-time temperature monitoring can help avert overheating disaster while allowing operators to rearrange assets and loads to minimize over-cooling for greater cooling efficiency savings.

DCIM software is a strategic solution that will accelerate digital transformation, improve operating efficiencies, ensure transparency across IT and the entire business organization.  A comprehensive DCIM software solution provides a key foundation for security and governance of you physical compute infrastructure.  DCIM software is at the heart of compliance for the European Union’s General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR) and the United States Federal Data Center Infrastructure Optimization Directive (DCOI).

Only one solution – DCIM software – automates monitoring and provides a single pane-of-glass view of the entire computing infrastructure. This breaks down the information siloes while aggregating and presenting it all in a usable configuration. With a DCIM solution deployed, data center managers can make informed business decisions driving infrastructure automation, efficiency and safety. And that’s a “must-have” addition to any data center regardless of size, location or legacy.




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