Your Data Center Needs DCIM

December 28, 2011 Nlyte Software


At the Gartner Conference earlier this month, Jay Pultz presented on how DCIM is a necessary component within the data center. With a current penetration at 5% and expected to grow to 60% penetration by 2015, why not start your search before the rush. Pultz outlined what to specifically look for in a DCIM solution.  Here is a sample of his points:

  • Input: gathers all data on asset location and energy consumption to measure and monitor power and temperature at key points throughout the data center
  • Process: the ability to analyze and summarize trends. This includes visually modeling current and future state of the data center.
  • Output: provides analysis at several levels of detail
  • Control: provide workflow instructions for every move add or change to the appropriate personnel.

Tell us what you are looking for in a DCIM solution in the comments below.



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